Mirror Books

The Hong Kong-based Mirror Books has established itself as an independent publishing house with a special focus on frank and in-depth coverage of Chinese politics, culture and history. The political climate in mainland China may have precluded the opportunities to establish an official distribution channel there, but Chinese tourists snatched up copies in Hong Kong and brought them home, creating a unique Mirror Books fever in mainland China. Many of Mirror Books bestsellers have become must-read for the Chinese political and cultural elite.

The company, founded in 1991 by Ho Pin, a China-born journalist, has released nearly 300 titles, which encompass multiple perspectives and ideologies of several hundred writers, government officials, scholars and journalists, and target overseas Chinese communities as well as an increasing number of Chinese tourists. Through the internet, the company has formed an efficient system of reviewing, editing, printing and distribution, significantly shortening publication time and lowering costs. Recent surveys indicate that many of Mirror Books publications have become the most coveted and popular underground reading materials in mainland China. Pirated versions can be found in all major cities.

Doubtless to say, China is and will play an increasingly important role on the world stage. However, the voice of China has long been dominated by the Chinese government as well as by political dissidents. Truly independent voices are seldom heard. Presenting the unfiltered and independent voices from China is the only way to overcome misunderstanding of Chinese politics and culture and to eliminate prejudices. This is the mission of Mirror Books. Therefore, the company hopes to further its mission by establishing cooperative relations with publishers in other languages, distributors, research institutions, libraries as well as writers.

Some major Mirror Books titles include:

  • Yellow Peril by Wang Lixiong
  • Sky Burial: The Fate of Tibet by Wang Lixiong
  • The Later Years of Premier Zhou En-lai by Gao Wenqian
  • Memoir and Thoughts of Xu Jiatun by Xu Jiatun
  • Downfalls of Communist Tycoons: From Hua Guofeng to Hu Yaobang by Hu Jiwei
  • June Fourth: The True Story by Zhang Liang
  • The Primary Capital Accumulation in Contemporary China, He Qinglian
  • Secret Letters to Zhongnanhai by He Xin
  • Witnessing the Secret History of the Communist Party of China by Smarlo Ma
  • Hu Jingtao by Wen Xiyong
  • Princes and Princesses of Red China by Gao Xin
  • Unveiling the Yuan Hua Case by Sheng Xue
  • Beijing Coma by Ma Jian
  • When the Dust Settles by He Lai
  • Notes of Discovered Problems by Shi Tiesheng
  • China: One Hundred Years by Zhao Wumian
  • A Silent Majority by Wang Xiaobo
  • China’s Ecological Winter by Zheng Yi
  • Living Testimonies: Stories of People behind the Bars in China by Liao Yiwu
  • Mao in Power (1949─1976) by Shan Shaojie
  • Hungry Ghosts: Mao’s Secret Famine by Jasper Becker
  • Imagined Enemies: China Prepares for Uncertain war by John Lewis

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